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4 Reasons To Choose Bay Area Smash Room

As one of the first rage rooms in the Bay Area, Bay Area Smash Room is proud to provide San Franciscans with the opportunity to SMASH. Rage rooms provide a unique opportunity to relieve stress and anxiety, have fun, and strengthen relationships. If you’ve never been to a rage room before, you need to give it a whirl. Read on for four reasons to choose Bay Area Smash Room, and book your experience today!

Customizable Smash Room Packages

At Bay Area Smash Room, we offer seven smash room packages to provide the best experience for you and your group. From our 20 minute Smash Time package where you and a friend can release your energy on plates, one large electronics item, and one small electronics item, to our SMASHaholics package where up to six people can unleash the beast on four times the amount of objects plus drywalls and furniture, Bay Area Smash Room has something for everyone. Plus, you can purchase additional items for your session at any time.

Unforgettable Date Nights

Whether you are looking to mix it up with your partner or “break the ice” on a first date, Bay Area Smash Room can provide you with a date night experience that you won’t soon forget. New experiences are a great way to have fun on date night, and we’re willing to bet that smashing a TV together will be more exciting than watching one. In fact, our customers love it so much that we created a Smash Date Night package for couples.

Good Clean Fun For The Whole Family

It can be difficult to carve out family time, and even harder to find something that everyone will enjoy. Smash rooms are a great way to get the whole family out of the house, and they provide a novel experience that everyone can enjoy together. Getting the green light to break stuff and release their energy can help kids explore their emotions and provide them with a sense of empowerment. Bay Area Smash Room provides full protective equipment to ensure a safe and fun experience for your family. Book your rage room today!

Memorable Night Out With Friends Tired of game night? Looking for a healthy alternative to happy hour? It may be time to book a Smash Party for you and your friends! At our rage room in San Francisco, you and nine of your friends can queue up your favorite music and take part in some destruction therapy together. This is also a great team building exercise for coworkers, sports teams, and other groups. What are you waiting for? Gather the gang and schedule your Smash Party today!

Bay Area Smash Room is proud to be one of the Bay Area’s first, full-service rage rooms. Visit our website to check out all of your packages, and buckle up for a wild and satisfying experience. Book your session today!

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