Why the Bay Area Smash Room is the Best Thing to do for Valentine's Day

Picture of a room with broken stuff

Valentine’s Day plans are hard, especially if you’re single or newly single. But lucky for you, smash rooms exist. Where else do you get to go and just break things for thirty minutes? The Bay Area Smash Room is a great place to spend some of your Valentine’s Day because it’s unique, interesting, and boy is it fun. If you need help with Valentine’s Day ideas, keep on reading.

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Galentine's Day: the celebration of friendships between women. Usually, people celebrate Galentine's with dinner and a movie, maybe even some gift-giving, and definitely some wine. But may we suggest an alternative? Break some things. It’s a blast, and in our experience, nothing brings people together like getting together to smash some things. You don’t even have to skip the wine, just go grab some afterward. If you are looking for something new to try with your girls, give the smash room a try.

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Date Night

The Bay Area Smash Room is also a great place for a date night. If you are tired of the same old dates or just looking for something new to try with your significant other, few things would be better than the Bay Area Smash Room. Couples have such a great time in our rooms that we created an entire package specifically for date nights. Try it out to spice up your date night and make tons of new memories!

Paper heart on a string and is ripped in half

Break up Bash